I like writing. I started my first blog in 2006 during a 6month traveling trip in Latin America, and have written for several blogs ever since.  Besides being a (guest)blogger, I've had the pleasure of contributing to some trend rapports, am a (would be) columnist and secretly hope to have a first book written sometime in the near future.

& Publications

Internet Trend Rapport Contribution (BE)
Travel Trend Rapport Contribution (BE)
Professional Blogger for Flanders DC @ Lift Conference 2014 (Geneva)
Column on The Future of Work (Urban Station eMag, Buenos Aires)
Editiorial A Ride Into A Hybrid Future (CIFS, Copenhagen) 
Envisioning Circular Futures (Digital Exhibit, Journal of Futures Studies)

I am working on my first book, called 'Hybrid Futures' hoping to finish it in 2018. The book's primarily dealing with the paradigm shift our society is going through, and the making of the new interface (narrative & systems). I work from within the context of the many (weak and stronger) signals supporting the idea that our framing will move beyond traditional dichotomy logics and into the realm of hybridity. More to be expected.

Book (expected 2018)

Some Press


Projects and thinking have been mentioned and written about in a diversity of magazines, newspapers, radio & television media like: Weekend Knack. De Tijd. De Morgen. De Standaard. Radio 1. VTM. The Bulletin. Trends.