On this journey into the future, I've participated at brainstorms organized by the brilliant people of some Belgian based Futures and Creative Labs. This on a range of topics as diverse as the future of food, travel, cities,... 


Ruimte Voor Morgen (Flemish Parliament, BE) - Future of Cities
Touristlab (Addictlab & Tourism Flanders, BE) - Future of Travel
New Food Frontier (Burning Ice, Kaaitheater, BE) - Future of Food
Toekomstfabriek (Vooruit, BE)  - p2p Networks
Pantopicon (Toerisme Vlaanderen) - Business Travel in 2034
Future Fictions (Z33) - Future Of Democracy

Today I am a proud colleague of Nik, Michael, Nicole, Daniel and Charlotte at Studio for Design & Foresight, Pantopicon, where we assist a wide range of public and private organizations in both exploring ànd designing (for) the future.

Before that, I was part of the Global Scanning Network for Danish Futures Think Tank The Copenhagen Institute For Futures Studies, Europe's oldest and one of Scandinavian's largest Futures Think Tanks - founded in 1970 by Professor Thorkil Kristensen, former OECD Secretary-General, Danish Minister of Finance and member of the Club of Rome. 

Futures Research

Horizon Scanning, Trend Rapports, Editorials, Scenario Building, Speculative Design, Envisioning,...

Following the experiment, we've had some amazing invitations for interviews, not only from traditional media, but - more interestingly - interviews linked to research conducted by the University of Berlin and Forrester Research.

Research Interviews

Forrester Research (Nasdaq: FORR) - The Future Of Work Rapport
Studienkolleg zu Berlin (Berlin, DE) - Modern Nomads Research