I've been lucky to have been invited to give talks, keynotes and lectures at a diversity of events, educational organisations and companies. This on several future related topics, with an emphasis on: All Things Future, (Digital) Transformation (the impact of digital on traditional structures), the Sharing Economy, Futures & Design, Digital Nomading,...

Talks & Lectures

Sharing Concepts for a Sustainable City (University Antwerpen, BE)
Futures & Cultural Innovations (Cultuurconnect, BE)
Innovation, Engineering and the Humanities (University Leuven, BE)
How the Internet is Shaping New Systems to live in (Phare Conference, Handelsbeurs, Gent, BE)
C.O.B.R.A (Likebirds, Gent, BE)
Intervention Design Lecture (Bureau Europa, Maastricht, NL)
Festival Digital (Kopergieterij, Gent, BE)
Futures & The Sharing Paradigm (Stadslab2050, Antwerpen, BE)
Barcamp Gent (Vlerick Business School, Ghent, BE)
TEDxFlanders (Flemish Opera, Antwerp, BE)
Creativity World Forum (Flanders DC, Lotto Arena Hasselt, BE)
Touristlab (Tomorrow's Tourist, Tourism Flanders, Addictlab, BE)
Multimania Conference (Howest, Kortrijk Xpo, BE)  

I love mixing ideas from different angles, creating stories based on concepts & findings from futurology, disruption, (nu) philosophy, anthropology, sociology, internet, new media, marketing, etc... which bring new ways of looking at society and the world as we know it. 

With that is in mind, I am now particularly looking into the field of possible and preferable futures and how prototyping can help us unlock interesting possibilities... both from an overall macro perspective as well as through delving into in a whole range of domains going from education, (new) media, work, economy, love, normality to religion. 



Conference 2014


















On February 25, Phare Conference invited Futurists, Trendwatchers, Digital Thinkers, … to the Handelsbeurs in Gent to talk about The Future of the Internet. Tradition says one Belgian keynote is added to the otherwise international speakers' list. I was very honoured to have been offered the privilege to mix and match some digital thinking, nu philosophy and futurology in a 40" keynote.