Humanist Among Machines by Catherine Van Holder

Lezing voorbereiden voor bij de ingenieurs morgen.. 
beginnen bij het begin, wat historisch besef is nooit slecht wanneer je het over de toekomst hebt.. 

"De opleiding is historisch ontsproten uit die van de Belgische technisch ingenieurs die gecreëerd werd vanwege gestelde noden bij de industriële revolutie."

..en er dan een filosofische invalshoek aan toevoegen — at KU Leuven

humanist among machines

Futures of Political Systems by Catherine Van Holder

"We have inherited our current political systems, whether communism or liberal democracy, from the Industrial Revolution. And I don’t think that either of them can survive the completely different realities of biotechnology and artificial intelligence." 

Bureau Europa by Catherine Van Holder

On Tuesday 26th of April, Catherine will lecture at Bureau Europa, platform for architecture and design. The lecture is programmed as part of Intervention Design, an academic minor of the Maastricht Academy of Media Design & Technology. In this minor lead by Theo Ploeg, students are tasked with translating media theory and their personal value into design praxis.

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Once and future sins by Catherine Van Holder

"At the moment, we lock up extraordinarily large numbers of people. In 100 years, no one will believe we have an absolutely free will and therefore that anyone chooses to be a criminal. Indeed, there is evidence that we lock up those who are least responsible for their decisions – those with the least capacity for self-control, those who suffer from addictions, or who are mentally ill. 

We will not find it easy to decide whom to treat, how radically and when; nor to extend understanding and sympathy to those who have committed the worst of crimes. But our great-grandchildren will be appalled at how we locked up millions of people when we should instead have been helping them."